Discovering Raaa

I had no intention of sharing this experience, but in my opinion, CREATING LIFE is something worthy of mention.

Allow me to preface this creation story with a bit of how and why it came to be.

I am a fan of canned, sliced pineapple. Sometimes it's a heavy syrup that the slices reside in and sometimes it's 100% pineapple juice. I prefer the 100% juice to be the home in which my pineapple live until I consume them.

That being said, my belly is occasionally sensitive to large doses of acidic juices. I've learned that to successfully get through an entire 20 oz. can of pineapple, I need a full glass of water to drink while eating. Sometimes, by the end of the can, it's just too much liquid and I feel sick, full, and in pain.

Slowly, over the years, I've learned that I don't, in fact, have to finish the entire can.  I could put it down and finish it later, or I could even put it in the olde icebox and resume consumption on an entirely different day! (That was revelatory for me.

I preferred saving it for a later time. Though often, I would wait too long and find that the juice would grow thick and cloudy, at which point I'd promptly discard it. This happened more often than I liked to admit, and I grew tired of forgetting to eat it sooner, so I would just let the can sit out. However, my intrigue grew over some of the other changes: the firming sludge, the rusting of the can, etc.

After some research, I learned that the fermenting of such juice is actually quite commonplace, and could yield a tasty beverage. I decided to leave a few more cans open and do some experimenting.

As soon as I acquired basic things, such as yeast nutrient, pectic acidtannin, etc, I was well underway to becoming the kitchen/bathtub scientist I'd always dreamt of being.

I'll spare you the details of the success or failure rate of each of the fermentation attempts. Suffice to say, I drank some things that were probably better left UN-drunk. Alas, those were innocent times.

On the single attempt, which has brought me to this point of pontification, I shall now expound.

The interior of one particular can grew more fuzz than the rest, which was the main difference between all of the others which were left in their can. According to instruction, the metal can was never supposed to be introduced into the process. In fact, on the can label itself is printed "After opening, store contents in glass or plastic container... you have been warned!". I had never noticed this and/or it was of no concern to me.

As the environment of fuzz continued to expand in said can, I began paying special attention to it. I can only assume that my overwhelming love and warmth allowed this habitat within the can to blossom.

Upon close examination of the fuzz, I saw that there was slight movement. It was more than just my steamy and loving breath that made it move. Each subsequent day, I noted substantial expansion. Enough so, that by day four, I had to forgo my own personal hygiene by giving up my bathtub to the can. It seemed like the only space capable of securely containing the spread of growth. This proliferation had overtaken the outside of the can, and after the first night in the tub, had spread to a full 8-inch circumference surrounding the base.

The remaining days grew strange, as the heat and smell from the can got stronger. I decided to take a specimen on the eighth day. Under my old high school microscope I could see interesting shapes, but to my untrained eye and weak equipment, I was not able to determine what I was being observed.
I needed stronger gear.

After about 30 minutes, I procured the necessary materials. (see photo)


I was then able to identify exactly what I was present. LIFE!! A living being! Nestled among the spores was a tiny smooth sphere that, after further examination, appeared to be more like an egg, but after further examination, proved to be the little creature itself. (see photo)


The remaining days involved a bonding that can only be described as intense and inappropriate. I devoted more time to the little baby thing than I'd spent on anything before. It's features quickly developed during this time and it fully dawned on me that this was something I would need to take seriously.  

More to come...


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